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Solve questions and concerns

We provide excellent products and services to you with excellent teams.

We have a dedicated team, high-quality UV curing system technical support and UV curing system solutions to solve a large number of lean teams, focusing on high-end low-temperature UV curing system solution, water-cooled UV equipment, LED.UV curing system R & D, UV Equipment transformation, if you want to improve your product quality and reduce costs through UV curing equipment, we can provide you with a satisfactory solution and quality product

  • 01 Technical


    15 years of experience

    Provide reliable technical support and after-sales service to ensure that the provided equipment can be operated stably

  • 02 Product


    High cost performance

    The same price we have than the quality, the same quality we are more than the price, the same quality and the price we sell after

  • 03 Quality


    High efficiency and energy saving

    The high-quality production team guarantees the implementation of each process, such as processing, assembly, height, inspection, etc.

  • 04 Innovation


    Innovative technology companies

    With a professional technology research and development team, we are constantly expanding and innovating with the principles of high standards

  • 05 Professional


    Adhere to the path of professional development

    We have a professional, high-quality UV curing system development, design, production, transformation

  • 06 Service


    Professional service system

    Perfect after-sales service support, on-site installation and maintenance.


Cooperative partner

Our company owns independent research and development products and control systems. The operation is simple and easy to use, and the cost of post-maintenance is low. It is highly customized to your UV system, and some products support the upgrade function. The company is continuously developing new cutting-edge technologies and control methods. We will provide them to customers for free, and the use of thousands of customers is unanimously approved. We look forward to your joining and cooperation and win-win!




Zhongshan City Danyuan Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a set of high-end water-cooled UV curing system solution, low-temperature UV unit program construction, LED.UV light source system development, UV curing equipment transformation, research and development, manufacturing in one UV light source drying equipment professional manufacturer, supports on-demand customization.

Customized | Customization process

Finish each product with high quality

  • According to demand
    Provide the solution

  • Design optimization

  • Product development
    and manufacturing

  • Equipment commissioning
    and installation

  • Acceptance of the project

  • Start after service

MAJOR-Only to create high-end UV equipment


  • UV technology and applied research

    UV technology and applied research

    Since 2004, 15 years focused on R&D, production and sales of UV and IR equipment

  • UV equipment supplier

    UV equipment supplier

    Pursue high efficiency and high stability, minimize customer after-sales troubles, regardless of strategy
    Planning or positioning, technical innovation and even after-sales service are customer-centered

  • High cost performance

    High cost performance

    The same price we are more than quality
    Same quality than price
    The same quality and price we sell after

  • Support customization

    Support customization

    Customized according to customer requirements;
    Customer-centric, create more value for customers



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